Product: Drive-Rite semi-Air & Full-Air Suspension System for Motorhomes.

Description: Pneumatic suspension kits.

Services: Supply and install throughout the UK.

If you own a motorhome and tend to travel long distances, then it’s important that you have the right type of suspension.

At APB we supply and fit a range of pneumatic suspension kits from Drive-Rite. These are suitable for a range of vehicles like Fiat, Ford, Mercedes and Renault based motorhomes.

Enhanced suspension from leaf sprung motorhomes

We supply and fit the Drive-Rite range of air suspension systems ranging from air helper springs to semi-Air and Full-Air suspension systems that can enhance the drive comfort, stability and control of the vehicle. Features such as Horizon levelling can level the vehicle and adjust for uneven surfaces. With Drive-Rite system fitted you can enhance the suspension of your motorhome by adjusting the air pressure to reduce any sagging at the rear that is caused by incorrect or overloading of and maintain a level ride height for your vehicle.

whatever the situation, the pressure can be altered to suit your own preference or need. You can remove and re-fit the system on a new motorhome of necessary.

Drive-Rite motorhome suspension kit

Enhance the suspension of your motorhome

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