Product: Solar Panel Systems & Solar Power Module Systems for Motorhomes and Campervans.

Services: Supply with or without installation in the UK.

Warranty: 25 year output.

APB supply a range of solar panel systems, solar power modules and can fit them too if required.

From handheld battery chargers to integrated roof mounted solar panel systems, we can advise of the most appropriate system for your needs.

Mono and Multi-crystalline solar modules

We can supply a range of mono and multi crystalline solar panel modules. All our modules have been assembled using the highest possible construction methods. Every module has been designed in accordance with IEC 1215:1993 standards, manufactured with proven materials and tested to ensure electrical performance and service life. A bypass diode has been installed to avoid the “hot spot” effect., which would otherwise affect the efficiency of the module.

The cells are laminated between a high transmissivity, low-iron 3mm thick tempered glass, a sheet of TPT material and by 2 sheets of EVA to prevent moisture penetration into the module. The heavy duty anodised aluminium frame provides high wind resistance and conveniently mounting access. Because of the exceptionally high standards of construction all our solar modules are covered by a 25-year output warranty. This warranty states that within this period the module should produce no less than 85% of its rates output.

Solar panel systems for motorhomes and campervans

Providing a green renewable power supply

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